Saturday, November 10, 2007

VB's beer bottle Orchestra and a Mo ditti

What a blast, why hasn't that been done before. It's got nothing to do with Movember. But I reckon quite a large quantity of the stuff will be consumed at the Movember Gala Partie. Yes the beer will flow and the Mo Bros will show their Mo's. Then baptise them one and all in the amber pools of liquid gold in celebration of Movember.

One bloke who will celebrate Movember in style is El Captain (aka Jas), possibly because he'll be sporting a magnificent MO at the partie and probably if he's received a substantial tally of sponsorship but most definitely because he no longer needs to make lame videos like this one till Movember next year.

Give him heaps about this one, post a comment to let him know how lame it is. But make sure you watch yesterdays "How to touch your ears together" as that one was pretty funny.

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