Friday, November 9, 2007

How to touch your ears together

The French git is back with a very special trick

You had better sponsor him!!!

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The McKenzie Mo - better know as the "Kenzie"

Following a full week of Mo growing, Ian over at has posted a pic of his Mo. Its a valiant effort Ian. (he he he snigger).

Take a look at the mug shot on the left can you see the Mo? Perhaps its just lighting and correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a Mo meant to start above the upper lip?

What you have there Ian is a tickler, perhaps we could rename it the McKenzie Mo.

I had to do it, please forgive me Ian.

Mo Feuds - World Wide During Movember

There are Mo fueds every where around the world. People either love or hate them. Look here officers of the law even fight over the Mo

The News Vault - Outgoing Link - Court Rules Police Splitting Hairs With Moustache Ban
A court in South Korea ruled Thursday in favour of a policeman who was suspended for refusing to shave off his moustache. The officer, identified only by his family name Park, was suspended from his post at a Seoul police station for three months after he rejected an order from his seniors to shave. The defiant officer brought his case to the Administrative Court. Judge Shin Dong-Seung ruled that regulations require officers to look tidy but do not ban moustaches.

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