Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Movember - A Mo Feud begins

Look! When I started Movember it seemed a simple enough task to just grow a Mo for Mens health. Now I see that actually "growing" the MO is the simple part, dealing with the issues caused by MO is much harder

Who would have thought that having MO to help promote Mens Health issues, Depression and Prostrate cancer would cause so much trouble.

So far my daughter hates me because I no longer look "cool". (not that I did before)

My wife thinks I'm cute, but I'm growing a biker Mo. How many bikers are cute?

Both my wife and daughter however agree that hair stubble in the sink is GROSS. Don't they realize I have to groom the Mo.

While my younger kids look at me funnily each morning as if they don't recognizes me.

I need help