Wednesday, November 7, 2007

El Captain Speaks.

After 7 Days the TLP07 Captain prepares to speak.

Emmanuel off "Faulty Towers" wasn't he Spanish? Jas who's the Frenchman on your videos?

"Do you think I'm sexy come on let me Mo"

I'm glad day 6 of Movember 2007 is over.

I've grown beards before and they seem to be no problem at all. Just give up shaving for a month and you have a permanent food filter stuck to your face. Maintenance is easy just a quick trim every couple of weeks and the beard looks great.

The moustache on the other hand requires daily care as it you were clean shaven but with the added complexity of having to carefully avoid shaving the dam thing of each morning as you face the mirror in your groggy morning haze. Its only day seven and I've almost shaved the bl&&dy thing off already.

But the real dilemma I'm facing now is the the question about whether the Mo makes me look sexy. I've been looking in the mirror this morning and I'm worried. I'm not sure the Biker look is very sexy. I look meaner sure but do I look sexier?