Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Plea from El Captain - Support Mens Health - Prostrate Caner Awareness and Mens Depression


Looks like Jas is desperate perhaps even sinking into a state of depression.

He needs help to surface above the mounting challenge of other TLP07 members who feel they can dominate the Movember sponsorship total.

He know that he is destine to fail unless YOU sponsor him - Now.

Please help the poor sod out, other wise his videos are bound to get worse. Take a look at his latest

OMG whats happening? - Mustache control

Something has happened!! The Moustache has taken control. I caught myself listening to 70's music yesterday and today I had an uncontrollable urge to watch Magnum Pi reruns. I've been looking longingly at my old leather jacket in the last couple of days and today I actually took it out of the cupboard and tried it on. OMG whats happening to me?

I'm loosing control to the mustache feeling. What started as a desired to raise money for mens health during the month of Movember could rebirth me as a 70's man

Please make it all worth while and sponsor me

Movember - Sponsor Me