Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mo's Creepy or Sexy?

I was checking out some post on Mice Chat today and the consensus isn't great re the Mo. Most of the members of that forum thought that Mo's were creepy. Thats pretty sad as I was hoping it might improve my sex appeal.

But that forum is old hat so we here at Mo Feud have put up a 7 day poll to get the low down on the Mo. Please vote and let us know your feeling on the Mo.

Boonie is he sexy?

How about Lando?

El Captain - What can I say?

Growing a MO can do strange things to bloke.

I'm growing a biker Mo, so I'm feeling a little tougher and I'm acting a little meaner. Grrr!

Jas on the other hand is growing an Emmanuel, and boy what a difference thats made. Take a look for yourself.

Tomorrow he's going to sing!!. I'll be hanging out to see that, bring your ear plugs and forget you sense of rhythm or the whole experience could devastate you.