Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Movember - its time to vote

Have you been been watching the Australian election coverage this month? I've been half expecting John or Kevin to turn up on TV sporting a Mo.

I wonder if the Movember Committee has asked them to participate. Neither have a Mo so I just hope they have allocated some money to Movember and Men's Health, not just government funds but a little of there own cash also.

What do you think they would look like with a Mo? I was wondering so I've done a little sketching. What do you reckon?

John Howard the Walrus

John Howard the Walrus

Kevin Rudd Fu Manchu

Kevin Rudd and his Fu Manchu

Beer doesn't always come in stubbies

OMG this could have been Australia in the 70's.

The cultural similarities between Australia and New Zealand are amazing. I reckon the stubbies were great but check out the Mo's. We should bring back both for Movember. Fan bloody tastic

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