Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Movember Captain shows off.

Only a few days left this Movember so support the team

Sponsor him today, any donations greatly received.

Movember - Sponsor Me

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Atomic Mo Nazism

It looks like a bloke over on the atomic maximum power computing forum was shut down for running a Movember topic. Banned for posting some pictures of himself growing a Mo. Don't they realise, no one dies health. Sooner or later they will suffer from a health issue themselves and as most of them are blokes its likely to be a mens health issue.

Check out this forum post. atomic maximum power

Post a comment here if you think that sucks

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Movember - its time to vote

Have you been been watching the Australian election coverage this month? I've been half expecting John or Kevin to turn up on TV sporting a Mo.

I wonder if the Movember Committee has asked them to participate. Neither have a Mo so I just hope they have allocated some money to Movember and Men's Health, not just government funds but a little of there own cash also.

What do you think they would look like with a Mo? I was wondering so I've done a little sketching. What do you reckon?

John Howard the Walrus

John Howard the Walrus

Kevin Rudd Fu Manchu

Kevin Rudd and his Fu Manchu

Beer doesn't always come in stubbies

OMG this could have been Australia in the 70's.

The cultural similarities between Australia and New Zealand are amazing. I reckon the stubbies were great but check out the Mo's. We should bring back both for Movember. Fan bloody tastic

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Plea from El Captain - Support Mens Health - Prostrate Caner Awareness and Mens Depression


Looks like Jas is desperate perhaps even sinking into a state of depression.

He needs help to surface above the mounting challenge of other TLP07 members who feel they can dominate the Movember sponsorship total.

He know that he is destine to fail unless YOU sponsor him - Now.

Please help the poor sod out, other wise his videos are bound to get worse. Take a look at his latest

OMG whats happening? - Mustache control

Something has happened!! The Moustache has taken control. I caught myself listening to 70's music yesterday and today I had an uncontrollable urge to watch Magnum Pi reruns. I've been looking longingly at my old leather jacket in the last couple of days and today I actually took it out of the cupboard and tried it on. OMG whats happening to me?

I'm loosing control to the mustache feeling. What started as a desired to raise money for mens health during the month of Movember could rebirth me as a 70's man

Please make it all worth while and sponsor me

Movember - Sponsor Me

Monday, November 12, 2007

Famous Mo's

Here's a little compilation of famous Mo's (mostly 70's-80's ads)

Lets start with my favorite Mo Borat

Most of that was just wrong!

The Lilly (Denis Lilly a famous cricketer in Australia during the 70's and 80's)

The DynaMo Man

The Solo Mo man

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Instant Moustache for Movember

OK here's the answer if you can't grow one for Movember. Get one tattooed on. Great for Mo Sista's who find growing facial hair difficult.

So Jas here's your chance.

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Mo's Magnifying Glasses and Tweezers

Growing a Mo requires close scrutiny of the hairs all over your face. An boy don't they grow in some funny places. My dad once told me "You'll be surprise at how important tweezers become as you get older", I was only eighteen at the time and barely shaving so I didn't understand the full ramifications of his statement and frankly at eighteen, I just didn't want to, girls were far more interesting.

Then the other day I found myself repeating the statement to my son as I plucked several hairs from my ear. Only this time I amended the statement, it became "You'll be surprise at how important tweezers and magnifying glasses become as you get older", which sort of explains why dad always had stray hairs in his ear, eyebrows and nose. I expect its a good thing that your eye sight goes at about the same time your hairs start to get feral.

For my kids sake sponsor me

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

VB's beer bottle Orchestra and a Mo ditti

What a blast, why hasn't that been done before. It's got nothing to do with Movember. But I reckon quite a large quantity of the stuff will be consumed at the Movember Gala Partie. Yes the beer will flow and the Mo Bros will show their Mo's. Then baptise them one and all in the amber pools of liquid gold in celebration of Movember.

One bloke who will celebrate Movember in style is El Captain (aka Jas), possibly because he'll be sporting a magnificent MO at the partie and probably if he's received a substantial tally of sponsorship but most definitely because he no longer needs to make lame videos like this one till Movember next year.

Give him heaps about this one, post a comment to let him know how lame it is. But make sure you watch yesterdays "How to touch your ears together" as that one was pretty funny.

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Friday, November 9, 2007

How to touch your ears together

The French git is back with a very special trick

You had better sponsor him!!!

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The McKenzie Mo - better know as the "Kenzie"

Following a full week of Mo growing, Ian over at has posted a pic of his Mo. Its a valiant effort Ian. (he he he snigger).

Take a look at the mug shot on the left can you see the Mo? Perhaps its just lighting and correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a Mo meant to start above the upper lip?

What you have there Ian is a tickler, perhaps we could rename it the McKenzie Mo.

I had to do it, please forgive me Ian.

Mo Feuds - World Wide During Movember

There are Mo fueds every where around the world. People either love or hate them. Look here officers of the law even fight over the Mo

The News Vault - Outgoing Link - Court Rules Police Splitting Hairs With Moustache Ban
A court in South Korea ruled Thursday in favour of a policeman who was suspended for refusing to shave off his moustache. The officer, identified only by his family name Park, was suspended from his post at a Seoul police station for three months after he rejected an order from his seniors to shave. The defiant officer brought his case to the Administrative Court. Judge Shin Dong-Seung ruled that regulations require officers to look tidy but do not ban moustaches.

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mo's Creepy or Sexy?

I was checking out some post on Mice Chat today and the consensus isn't great re the Mo. Most of the members of that forum thought that Mo's were creepy. Thats pretty sad as I was hoping it might improve my sex appeal.

But that forum is old hat so we here at Mo Feud have put up a 7 day poll to get the low down on the Mo. Please vote and let us know your feeling on the Mo.

Boonie is he sexy?

How about Lando?

El Captain - What can I say?

Growing a MO can do strange things to bloke.

I'm growing a biker Mo, so I'm feeling a little tougher and I'm acting a little meaner. Grrr!

Jas on the other hand is growing an Emmanuel, and boy what a difference thats made. Take a look for yourself.

Tomorrow he's going to sing!!. I'll be hanging out to see that, bring your ear plugs and forget you sense of rhythm or the whole experience could devastate you.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

El Captain Speaks.

After 7 Days the TLP07 Captain prepares to speak.

Emmanuel off "Faulty Towers" wasn't he Spanish? Jas who's the Frenchman on your videos?

"Do you think I'm sexy come on let me Mo"

I'm glad day 6 of Movember 2007 is over.

I've grown beards before and they seem to be no problem at all. Just give up shaving for a month and you have a permanent food filter stuck to your face. Maintenance is easy just a quick trim every couple of weeks and the beard looks great.

The moustache on the other hand requires daily care as it you were clean shaven but with the added complexity of having to carefully avoid shaving the dam thing of each morning as you face the mirror in your groggy morning haze. Its only day seven and I've almost shaved the bl&&dy thing off already.

But the real dilemma I'm facing now is the the question about whether the Mo makes me look sexy. I've been looking in the mirror this morning and I'm worried. I'm not sure the Biker look is very sexy. I look meaner sure but do I look sexier?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Movember - A Mo Feud begins

Look! When I started Movember it seemed a simple enough task to just grow a Mo for Mens health. Now I see that actually "growing" the MO is the simple part, dealing with the issues caused by MO is much harder

Who would have thought that having MO to help promote Mens Health issues, Depression and Prostrate cancer would cause so much trouble.

So far my daughter hates me because I no longer look "cool". (not that I did before)

My wife thinks I'm cute, but I'm growing a biker Mo. How many bikers are cute?

Both my wife and daughter however agree that hair stubble in the sink is GROSS. Don't they realize I have to groom the Mo.

While my younger kids look at me funnily each morning as if they don't recognizes me.

I need help