Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mo's Magnifying Glasses and Tweezers

Growing a Mo requires close scrutiny of the hairs all over your face. An boy don't they grow in some funny places. My dad once told me "You'll be surprise at how important tweezers become as you get older", I was only eighteen at the time and barely shaving so I didn't understand the full ramifications of his statement and frankly at eighteen, I just didn't want to, girls were far more interesting.

Then the other day I found myself repeating the statement to my son as I plucked several hairs from my ear. Only this time I amended the statement, it became "You'll be surprise at how important tweezers and magnifying glasses become as you get older", which sort of explains why dad always had stray hairs in his ear, eyebrows and nose. I expect its a good thing that your eye sight goes at about the same time your hairs start to get feral.

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